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By Folkstorys

Drop of Lustre

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Material: Velvet

Find your perfect modern style sofa for every type of space whether you are looking to outfit an open layout , living room or a fully equipped home theatre.

Material Description


We use high-quality frames to make sure it will see you through many years of lounging. We use wood that has a rough grain with interlocking fibers that imparts strength and durability and which is the resistance of termites and wood borers.


What goes inside a sofa is just as important as what is used on the outside. When it comes to the sofa back and seat. The multi-density high resilient foam used in layers in the seat cushions reduces sagging due to prolonged use. A grid of polyfill pockets in the back cushions prevents the cushions from weighing down because of gravity.



For Fabric, it is important that it stands up well to its usual level of use. So we make sure the fabric we use is tough, ultra-soft, durable with higher thread count, and which protects against stains and damage. Our team focuses extensively on the use of the right colors to make our Sofas a style statement. 


    • Furniture having intricate hand-painted details are individual unique pieces and may have slight distinctions and variance between the picture and actual product.

    • Accessories shown in the image are only for representation and are not part of the product.

    • Depending on your screen resolutions there may be a slight variance in fabric colour and wood polish of the image and actual product.

    • The Primary material is the main material used to manufacture the product and in addition to the primary material there might also be other materials used in the manufacturing of the product.

    • In the case of solid wood based furniture, the wood grain might slightly vary from product to product.