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The Tale & The Journey

FOLKSTORYS is an offspring of Artscape Projects, a boutique Architecture & Design services firm based out of Bangalore, India. With an experience spanning over 15 years, Artscape has already established its tour-de-force in the Home Interior market. After helming numerous projects, this came as a realization that completing the interiors solely cannot bring essence to a Home. What house needs are the objects that reflect one’s existence of being and the ones that can speak their story.

As straight as it sounds, but is still a challenge for the people in India to find suitable home décor products which for the most part, either are not readily available or comes at a hefty affair. This reason led to the birth of FOLKSTORYS, an aesthetic design and décor company that brings that very “essence & completeness” to your home.

Our Philosophy:

The world’s most prestigious global luxury brands are expanding their footprints in India. Many leading global luxury brand marketers have started taking the Indian market seriously. India is poised for a big leap in the luxury segment. Carefully handpicked edition pieces, objects d’art, decor accessories, and gift items from Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Hong Kong, UK, and the USA now have a demand in the Indian market.

These days, unless you walk into a traditional restaurant or a café, it is unlikely to observe many ethnic set-ups. More designers are also turning to international design and décor and why not – if it works well.

However, this trend did not let us shy away from the fact about the brilliance of the Indian artisanry. The artisanry& craft of India have seamlessly impressed the foreign lands for hundreds of years and more. But, when it comes to our homeland, the Indian Décor failed as equally to leave its mark. The demand and the availability of the products that curate our culture is still a far cry.

This is the other necessary cause leading to the development of FOLKSTORYS, an aesthetic & Luxury Home Décor company with a motive to abridge the best of both worlds with the introduction of the rich Indian heritage along with the authentic décor elements from around the globe. A brand with a vision to Create & Curate the best of Indo-Continental décor designs at a price appealing to the masses.

The catalog at FOLKSTORYS is meticulously created and handpicked under the accomplished guidance of Jhilmil Vijay, an award-winning Indian architect with over 20 


What Our Customer Says ?

India is among the very few countries in the world keeping the tradition of handicraft artisans alive to this date. Folkstorys holds this cause to support and elevate the artisans showcasing their distinctive and special skills and the art. No less than 1000s of man-hours have been put by our team in fabricating ideas and designing the products which speak of Indian craftsmanship at its finest. We have a parallel objective of a continuing search of great craftsmen talents from the country that will only blossom in successfully bringing them in the light and subsequently helps in curating better décor ideas.