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By Folkstorys

The Man And The Rock Sculpture

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Everybody deserves that sculpted look!

While the statue of Atlas carrying the world may be in an art gallery, you can own this exquisite and one of a kind piece of sculpture to satisfy the connoisseur in you and set your home a class apart. Every piece is painstakingly created by hand with the hope that you will enjoy owning it as much as the artisan enjoyed crafting it.


Our team is working relentlessly to re-create an art form that is almost obsolete. An art that has been carefully passed from one generation to another for centuries. The sacred art of crafting metal by bare hands to create the most intricate and beautiful masterpiece each of which is unique. All sculptures are finished by hand to ensure the finest quality.

Premium Quality

After a lot of creative discussions and spending 1000s of man-hours, we cast our Sculptures. Each metal has its unique characteristics. Thus, based on the design & textures we choose the metal. All sculptures are finished by hand to ensure the finest quality.

Enhance your decor

These modern, whimsical and realist sculptures can feature in your home as focal points and accents. Your home decor, be it Modern, Classical , Contemporary or Bohemian, these art forms will blend well and have a lasting impact on your decor


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